Regina Spektor- we love you


Aaron and I had an awesome date Wednesday night and saw one of the most talented musicians, Regina Spektor. She came out in this adorable puffy white dress with a big cardboard bow in the front. And throughout her performance I think she was proposed to about 500 times from the men in the audience.


Not only does she sing, play the piano, guitar, keyboard and drums, but she even played the piano one handed, drummed with the other and sang. Her lyrics are beautiful, and funny. They make me smile and make me sad. I love the range of her voice and she's beautiful to look at to boot! I think Aaron's in love and I can't blame him. After seeing her live, you can't help but be amazed that she can sing the way she does. I was trying to find the right adjective to describe her, endearing came to mind, a little quirky, just overall pretty fantastic.

She closed with my all time favorite of hers. The words are amazing, and oh, that voice!


I was thinking about how our tastes in music affects our kids. I remember when I was a kid, all I knew about music was from Phil Collins, Rod Stewart and Barry Manilow. Aaron and I have different tastes in music now but we still appreciate certain artists, for one, we both love Regina Spektor. I was thinking about the music my kids are exposed to. Sawyer is a big fan of Foo Fighters, that's Aaron's influence, and thanks to Tati he also loves Black Eyed Peas. Gunnar likes a little more mellow like Jack Johnson, and Greta is usually on board with my tastes. She knows about half the words to most songs by Feist and Regina. She can also pick out a song if it was used in a movie she's seen. Just from watching the preview alone from Where the Wild Things Are, she knows when I play Arcade Fire, that they sing the song. And I wonder the types of music they will like as they get older. Are they going to look back and think oh lord, why did my parents subject me to Beastie Boys and Beck, they're so old! Time will tell.

I was surprised how many young people were at this concert. I mean, young as in we had to get dropped off by our parents young. Lots of high school and maybe some middle school aged kids there with friends. Not sure why this surprises me since Regina Spektor is the epitome of what's cool. But the epitome of what's cool for me is very different from what these kids think are cool. I guess she is just so awesome that she transcends all age barriers. You can see some of these kids in the background of a photo below. Oh, how I dread that age for my kids. . .

Here's a few photos we took while we were FREEZING, right before she came on. It was an outdoor venue and Los Angeles decided to welcome fall that very day. I was very thankful to be sitting next to my hot blooded husband who can just put his arm around me and the heat emanates onto me.

IMG_0193 IMG_0197

IMG_0201 IMG_0208


Oh, I have to include this photo just to irritate Aaron. I snapped this right before we left, he's pretty jealous of my new Run DMC t-shirt. Sorry babe, didn't come in your size.

Photo on 2009-10-28 at 18.04