Aaron is going to be doing a lot of working this weekend and when he's not working he'll be at the USC football game. We're going with my family to see Cirque du Soleil on Sunday and I'm pretty excited for the kids to experience it. I think I was around Gunnar or Sawyer's age the first time I went to their show. We are trying really hard to stay healthy, Greta has a runny nose and Sawyer has a leftover cough, but  we're taking lots of Emergen-C and using a ton of hand sanitizer.

Check back next week if you're interested in a photo shoot giveaway. I haven't picked up my camera too much lately other than to capture Greta at her tap class and snapped a few photos while we were in Palm Springs last weekend. I had such a busy summer with photo shoots and then once mid September came it's been super quiet. And I am getting pretty antsy to do a fun photo shoot. The details will come in a few days when I figure it all out. But basically anyone will be able to enter, whether they want family portraits, children, high school senior, couples, or just some updated shots of themselves. I think it'll be fun and a neat way I get to meet a reader of my blog.

Happy weekend.