very random deodorant update

okay, for some this may confuse you. but a few months ago i had quite the dilemma over my deodorant being discontinued, you may remember the post. well, apparently i am not alone. i am writing this update for stephanie who contacted me wanting an update on what i ended up using. she too was a devout clear ban unscented gel user and was disappointed when she couldn't find it anymore. somehow she stumbled on my blog and read about my plight. well, i have a good ending to this tragic tale. after reading my blog post about the catastrophe that clear ban made by discontinuing my deodorant, my friend tine,  gifted me a new deodorant she thought i would like. and she was right. i have been using this ever since.


it meets all my criteria. clear. gel. unscented. and it even has the holes at the top for it to come out of. after testing it out for about a week i went to the local cvs and cleared out the entire shelf of dry idea deodorants.

so there you have it stephanie. i hope this helps you out!