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Music lessons have begun in this house. I really should've had my act together last year and had Gunnar start music lessons then, but oh well, at least now he has more choices than the violin and recorder. The school has an orchestra and they have another music program/company come in and give lessons after school one day a week and work with the orchestra. They had an assembly and demonstrated all the instruments to the kids. Gunnar came home and when we talked about signing him up for lessons, he had a one track mind set on trumpet. So trumpet it is. After his first lesson he fell inlove with it. Surprisingly, he can even play a tune. I thought it would be a few weeks before we heard anything come out of this thing, but nope. He practices too, lovely loud practices. We are leasing the trumpet with option to buy. Bet you didn't know that you can lease instruments. When I saw the price tag on the trumpet I figured we better be sure that he wants to play this for many more years to come. Did I mention the trumpet is loud?

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