Just a few snippets of recent conversations that I really don't want to forget so I have to write them down.

The other day we were eating at Baja Bud's for lunch and Greta was on one side of the booth with Aaron and I was on the other side with Sawyer, Gunnar wasn't here that day. Greta was eating some chips and one dropped on the booth seat, and before Sawyer could yell "STOP!" she put the chip in her mouth.

Sawyer: NO! GRETA! NO! Don't eat that!!!

Greta: It's just a chip Soso.

Me: Sawyer, why are you so upset sweetie? It's okay, it's not going to hurt her too bad, at least it didn't fall on the floor.

Sawyer: OHHHH NOOOO!!!! Now she is going to get sick!

Greta: I am going to get sick?

Sawyer: Yes!

Me: Why is that so upsetting to you though?

Sawyer: Because I really wanted to play with her, and now she'll be sick.

It was a Saturday afternoon and Greta had just awoken from her nap. She sleepily walked down the stairs and sat on the couch next to me. Taking a look around.

Greta: Mama, where are my boys?

Me: Who are your boys?

Greta: My boys are daddy, Gunnar, and Soso. Where are my boys?

Me: Oh, those boys. They are at Papa's house watching a football game. 

Greta: I miss my boys.

On this particular afternoon Greta and I were playing with her dollhouse and her Prince and Cinderella figurine. I of course had to be the Prince while she was Cinderella. She learned some new phrases regarding princesses from her friend Maddie, they include words like "love", "inlove", "married", etc. 

Greta: Oh, Prince. I will be inlove with you!

Me: Okay Cinderella, let's dance in the ballroom.

Greta: Ok.

(the figurines dance and Cinderella proceeds to run away, leaving her glass slipper behind, you know the rest of the story)

Me: Shall we go back to our castle Cinderella?

Greta: Yes, we will now get married, I need to get my veil.

Me: Alright. 

Daddy then walked in the door and he came to over to take my place so I could make dinner. Within about 3 minutes I heard some heated arguing between the two of them.

It went something like this,

Greta: Daddy, you be the Prince and I'll be Cinderella.

Aaron: Alright.

Greta: I will be inlove with you.

Aaron: No, let's play it different, I don't like love.

Greta: Yes, they have to be inlove and get married!

Aaron: Nah. Let's do this. Ready?

Greta: What?

Aaron: Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Then the argument ensued.