family worship

I have to say I am loving this new addition to our routine. Each night we read the kids stories, and usually one of those is a lesson from the Great Teacher book or Bible Story, but I love dedicating an evening to our family study. The first week we did popcorn and a movie, and this week we invited another family over and the kids acted out one of the stories. I'll give you some clues and hopefully you'll be able to figure out which story this is.

Here are the THREE boys, standing.


You can see the fiery furnace in the background and the "guard" throwing one of them into the furnace.


She was very thorough, here she's throwing another one into the furnace.


And here they are, all still alive, having survived their time in that fiery furnace. I didn't get a shot of Greta when she died from being too close to the fire. She just laid down right on the floor and said, I'm dead.


Alright, so if any of you have read the Hebrew Scriptures you'll by now know it was the three Hebrews who didn't bow down. I think the kids enjoyed themselves, and so did we.