some random etsy finds

Okay. That's enough laughter at Deborah's expense. Well, for now anyways. And just to prove to all of you that I don't suck at skiing I am going to find some footage of me from that trip actually skiing without falling. Yes, I will find it this weekend. I vow.

On other notes, it's time for a little "my favorite things I don't have but really love and would like to have" post. I'm sure you all love these.

I adore this blanket! I think it's so cool, and I'm a little angry that my grandmas don't knit. Sorry for the teeny picture, but you can see it bigger here


And how cute are these, Greta would die!


How cool is this robot print!


This bag quickly became an "i want it and don't have it" to an "i ordered it already for my soso". Yes, we like robots over here.


Doesn't everyone need a cameo, even if it's not from Italy?