Shapes and Colors

All skiers and snowboarders are very familiar with the little colored shapes that differentiate one ski run from the other. Greens and blues, squares and circles, easy. Diamonds, multiple diamonds, and black, harder. Well after not skiing for 11 years I really did not know what to expect on the first run. So Elliott started me off on a very nice little green square. It took that first run and I knew what I was doing. It really is just like riding a bike. It comes back to you. 

Now I am not familiar with the runs at Mammoth so I just trusted that my guide would be very careful about where I skied. Well I should've been more aware after the second run we took was a blue diamond. But a blue diamond was okay. I could handle it. I took it a little slower than my speed demon ski partner, but I didn't fall.  A few runs later I saw out of the corner of my eye a sign that an intermediate run became an advanced run but I really thought I'd be steered in the right direction. That was my first mistake. Before I know it I am facing the steepest, iciest slope I have been on all day. I get down halfway and very ungracefully bite it bad. And in my falling without being able to stop I lose a ski and continue to plummet down the hill colliding into Elliott and taking him down with me. Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a problem. Just take your skis off, climb the hill, retrieve your skis, put them on, and continue. Well, like I said this slope was really really steep. It became a black diamond, and truly I tried so hard to climb back up for my ski. It was impossible. I dug my ski boots in like they were ice picks, I would make it about 8 or 10 crawls and slide all the way back down. Now let me remind you, before this little accident I hadn't fallen once. I am not a sucky skier. I am pretty decent. I really don't buy it that it was an "accident". How can you accidentally memorize an entire map of runs and forget where the black diamond run suddenly just appears out of nowhere?

After coming home and looking at the video it really doesn't look that steep, but let me tell you, check out in the first video when I point the camera down toward Elliott, look at the incline. You couldn't take your skis off because they would just fall right down the hill. I, of course, don't have the actual fall video'd but the aftermath is there. Along with a really nice snowboarder who had the same idea as me. He was sitting up at the top on his butt, no doubt thinking how he was going to make it down, and fortunately he was able to retrieve my ski for me. Thank you nice snowboarder. So here is right after the fall, and after my many many attempts at climbing the slope to get my ski.


The more embarassing part came after I slid down the rest of the hill on my butt and once I reached the bottom I tried to put my skis back on. Unfortunately Elliott was holding my HD videocamera in his backpack and he captured the lovely incident. And he decided to narrate the whole incident as well. I seriously cut like 7-8 minutes out of this tape. I could not for the life of me put my darn skis on. So do what I do best, continue to slide, and crawl, and foolishly attempt to throw my ski at Elliott. So please be aware that the shapes and the colors of the ski runs are there for our protection. Heed them very carefully.