Change. I Scoff In Your Face!


Ha! Change. You have no hold on me now! So I scared my husband a little bit today when he came to have lunch with me on my break and this is how I looked. I told him I was seriously considering a hair style change called bangs. His response? What's bangs?

So after a little explanation which involved many pictures of women with bangs and women without bangs, he finally understood. And in the end, he didn't really care one way or the other. So it was up to me. Now I know you're thinking it's some mid life crisis, right? Well, I'm not mid life yet, so that couldn't be it. However this year I will be turning 29 and this is my final year in my twenties, forever. So I kind of feel like it's important to act or at least look like an adult.  I know you'd think I would be adultish after bearing 3 children, but that all happened in my early/mid twenties. And I finally feel like I'm at a place where I can spend more than 5 minutes on how I look everyday. That was my max, 5 minutes. And a little hair gel, sunblock, concealer, lip gloss, and can't forget deodorant, and my 5 minutes was up. But now I feel like I'm a person again. I don't have to wear clothes that necessarily can endure spit up or leaking bras. 

I have had my hair all one length since probably 14 years old. And only recently have I been keeping it straight. So now opens a whole new realm of possibilities for me. Actual hair styles. I'm not so brave with color yet, I kind of like my mousy brown hair. And with all the heat my hair has been receiving with the flat iron, I don't think it can take much color too. 

I went to work promising myself I would not do it today. But once I was there, and in my stylist's chair, well, you kind of get a little adrenaline high and you don't think straight and I just said, "do it, I trust you"! I am really loving them right now, and I look forward to all the possibilities in between, even growing them out offer me some cool options. 

And unless you've ever had bangs you wouldn't know there's a whole bang universe out there. So I created a short bang tutorial for all of you bang less people.