The Buffalo Club

Adult evenings (I know, that kinda sounds naughty, but it just means no children) are becoming a little more frequent around the Harju house. Gotta love having a 12 year old neighbor living next door, who has 2 younger siblings which means she is awesome with kids, and it doesn't hurt that my children adore her. Who am I kidding, I adore her. Anyways, we have been using her more and more recently and Saturday night we had her come over so Aaron and I could enjoy dinner at a restaurant we've never been to called The Buffalo Club.

Now, you have to remember, I'm really not cool. So not cool in fact that it was my parents who introduced us to this restaurant, made the reservations, and informed me to get a babysitter. I am born and raised in Santa Monica and I've never heard of this place. Never seen it although apparently I've driven by it almost daily. Here comes the cool, hip, trendy, part. It's not obvious from the street. It's so obscure that if you weren't looking for the valet stand and the scary bouncer dude, you'd drive right by it. 

Once inside the place has a really cool old school style bar and dining room. But the coolest part is if you ask them when you make your reservations to put you in the back. There is this amazing patio with huge fabric tent like ceilings with dozens of paper lanterns and a second bar. We had a drink first and let me tell you, this place doesn't skip on the vodka part in a vodka tonic. Good sign.

The menu is pretty cool and covers all tastes, they specialize in pork chops and steak but they also have a vegetarian selection. For appetizers we had tuna tartare, some lobster dumplings and a crab salad. And then for starters I chose their maytag blue cheese salad with chicken. It was very hard for me to decide between two of my favorite comfort foods, their pot roast or  the chicken pot pit. I went for the pot pie, and let me tell you, the best I have ever had.

Not a newsflash to many, but I'm not a wine drinker. I prefer beer or mixed drinks. However that doesn't mean I am stupid. When the sommelier comes over and oogles over the bottles of wine my dad brought in, that tells me I must sip and try. Especially when I see how giddy the sommelier gets when my dad asks him to join us for a taste. Even more especially when the sommelier comes back and asks for my dad's contact information. Yeah, that means the wine was so good that I even liked it.

I can't tell you much about dessert other than the fact that everyone else at the table was in heaven. By this point my pants were so tight that I didn't want to bust a zipper. And I'm not  glutton so I had to draw the line somewhere. 

Another little cool addition was that we dined next to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. So I figure if our governor and his wife like the privacy and obscurity of this place, it's gotta be good. And way too cool for me.  Unfortunately, this means Aaron has a new favorite restaurant, and it happens to be one that he probably will only get to eat at once a year for our anniversary unless we can talk my lovely, generous, wonderful parents into inviting us to join them the next time they dine there.

All in all an awesome evening with awesome food and awesome drinks. Highly recommend if you are in the Santa Monica vicinity.