Mammoth- Part 2



Gunnar had his first snowboard lesson after a difficult morning on the slopes with Aaron. Note to self, lesson first, daddy second. Apparently the snowboard instructor told Gunnar to forget everything his dad taught him that morning. And after accomplishing this, he was good to go. 

The following day was Maddie's and Sawyer's second ski lesson which didn't quite go as well for Sawyer. I think he was pretty tired and it freaked him out to go on the tow rope lift. The teacher went with him and he actually enjoyed himself once he was coming down the mountain. The part I think he hates is the whole dressing/walking ordeal, ski boots, helmet, etc. Once he's on his way down, you couldn't wipe the smile off his face. Seriously, can you get any cuter than these two?





By the second day of Gunnar's snowboard class he was going on chair lifts with the teacher. He does have a little fear of the heights, but he just pushes through it since he loves it once he's at the top. Here's some of my little boarder! These are just with my little point and shoot. I didn't trust myself to bring my big camera up on the slopes. 




I will have some video clips up hopefully tomorrow of Gunnar, it's on my HD camcorder and I have to cut and paste a lot, but I'm working on it.