Mammoth- Part I

I will have to split our Mammoth vacation up into a few posts since I have a ridiculous amount of photos, and video clips. I really was looking forward to this trip, mainly because I hope it is going to be the first of many ski/snowboard vacations for our family. I would love for all the kids to know how to ski or snowboard and I figure the younger the better. I haven't skied in 11 years. Yes! 11 YEARS! I was putting on my ski jacket and unzipped the pocket and pulled out my last lift ticket, from January 8, 1998 in Snow Summit. 

Aaron is a snowboarder and I had a disastrous time trying to switch to snowboarding at 17 years of age. It truly was disastrous. I figure since I can ski, I should stick to what I know. I am not such a "roadtrip" person. Especially since I get carsick at a red light, thus making it a necessity that I drive everywhere. But Aaron doesn't mind because he gets to sleep then. Another reason I never liked roadtrips was because of kids. My kids hated the car, however as they are getting older, they are much better. I think part of that has to do with the fact that road trips involve things they don't usually get to enjoy. Things like a movie in the car, cheetos, and milkshakes from one of the stops on the way. 

We went with the Hernandez family, and well, I feel for them. Being they had an 18 month old in their car, you couldn't have paid me to ride in theirs for the 4 and a 1/2 hour trip. But we made it. We all survived, and with not a lick of vomit! That is a feat my friends. The kids were beyond excited to get to go to the snow and not only that, but live with their friends for 5 days.

It's also nice to travel with other people who happen to be more OCD than yourself. Yes, I am talking about Elliott. He is major Type A, and it kind of takes the pressure off myself. It's fantastic. He's the one who likes it clean and the organizer and the time keeper. It was actually very relaxing for me! I am not joking, it was a really fun time and part of that was due to our over organization of the trip. In fact, only once did we not know where we were going and then Deborah happened to just pull the street out of the cerebellum part of her brain and voila, we found it.

Another part of traveling with other families is the trip there. You never know how well your driving patterns will mesh. Whose conscience you will offend while traveling at what speed? Fortunately, within the first 30 minutes we had pretty much solved this issue. Of course Elliott had to be in the lead at all times, he did not appreciate looking at my car's tail end. To solve this Aaron texted them that we needed gas. As they merged to exit the freeway it was a very simple maneuver to then take the lead. Unfortunately this ticked him off and we spent the next hour deciding over who would lead. Yes, he won out. But I figured that would mean he would be the first to get a ticket and I could pass through undetected. But I would like to report not one of us was pulled over once. Which is a good thing since I'm not eligible for traffic school for another 8-10 months. Or as Aaron likes to refer to it as 'speed school'.

We made up lists ahead of time of what food/drink items we would each bring which really made the trip easy. There was always an easy meal to prepare and plenty of snacks and drinks for the kids handy. And it was great for the kids because they always had a number of children to play with, torture, tease, chase, etc.

Gunnar decided to take up snowboarding and Sawyer and Maddie were enrolled in ski school. I have a ton of respect for people who live in cold weather. It seriously took 30 minutes each day just to get the kids dressed. As soon as one had their ski socks and boots on and you'd go to get the other kid's gloves, that first kid had successfully removed a boot and sock. And again and again. Here's a few of the ride there.

As you can see, Aaron likes to get his nap on.


I didn't take these ones, but it was right before we left and the next day in the condo reading.



There was no shortage of electronic devices between these two families. Between the laptops, blackberries, walkie talkies, cell phones, SLR cameras, point and shoot cameras, and videocameras, everything was well documented and coordinated.


There will be more photos to come this week. I have plenty of the kids on their skis and boards, and of a very entertaining morning we spent sledding. But this will do for today because I have 3 duffel bags to put away.

I'm going to post some video from Elliott's little camcorder, and since he's the only one who can ski and shoot video at the same time. Show off. Here's video from him. And yes, he's the best skier in the house. There. I said it.


and here is a little of Sawyer and Maddie during their first lesson at ski school. Don't let Maddie fool you. The day after this there were no run ins with the fence. That girl was a mad snow plower!