(First- Orkin Man Update: I came home from work to two huge industrial looking flytraps on my porch. I asked Aaron where he got them from? He didn't get them. Yep. And now Aaron has informed me that I owe the Orkin Man. Just what I need, a debt to the Orkin Man. . .)

Yes, deodorant. And don't even tell me for one second that this is not important to you too. 

Because it so is.

As most of you now have figured out, I hate change. I dread it. I have nightmares about it. And most of you have also figured out that I am married to a man who loves change. Loves change so much that I am surprised he's still married to me. Surprised that we have only lived in 2 states and moved 5 times in the 8.5 years we have been married. Not so surprised that I can't even remember all the elevator company names that he has worked for. This brings me to another not so big surprise. The man refuses to buy the same deodorant twice. Yes, you heard me correctly. He will go into a store and choose a different one each time. And not just different, if you throw in something free shrink wrapped to the deodorant, that's the one for him. And when I have to buy his deodorant, and I ask what he wants. He tells me to go pick one that looks cool. R i d i c u l o u s.

Well, that's not me. In fact, I have been using the same deodorant for the last 15 years. Yes, it has gotten a little difficult through the years to find it at every Rite Aid. Especially with these companies who decide to change their packaging, but ultimately, the Ban Clear Gel Unscented has been my deodorant of choice for years. About 2 years ago was the last time I had to buy deodorant since I buy in bulk when I find it. I clean the store out completely. 5 days ago I apparently used my very last one. And I didn't realize this until the next day when I went to grab a new one out of my drawer of surplus, and there were none. The drawer of surplus has surplus of everything I need. Extra hair cream, conditioners, toothbrushes, toothpaste, makeup, and most importantly deodorant. My immediate response is to go to my vacation travel bag and use the one I store there. Not there. Then I go to find my husband and yell at him that I do not think this is funny, where is my deodorant!?! He has no clue what I am ranting about. 

No big deal, I will swing by a drugstore. Saturday morning I went to CVS. They carried Ban alright, but only the Ban Clear Gel Powder Fresh and Ban Clear Gel Cool Sport. Who wants to put some nasty fragrance under their arms? Not me. Well, I went to Rite Aid then. Apparently the Powder Fresh and Cool Sport scents are popular. No Unscented. I let it go. 

That night however I had a sudden urge to find my deodorant. At 9pm I told Aaron I'll be back. I went to Target, nothing. On my way home I stopped by 2 more Rite Aids. Well, now I'm just on a mission. All I can see is my brand of deodorant as I drive down the streets at 10 o'clock at night. I hit up another CVS. To no avail. I walk in the house, no, I storm in the house. I get on the computer and immediately start a frantic search for my deodorant. I went on 10 different drugstore, pharmacy sites. Do you know there is even a deodorant.com?  I found my brand on 2 sites, but when I went to buy 15 of them and put them in my shopping cart, not available. I decide I have no choice but to go to the official Ban website. I stayed away from the site for fear that I would read information that would be too much for me to handle. That is was discontinued.

And what do you know? It's not there. The only kinds are the Powder Fresh and Cool Sport. By this time Aaron can feel my dispair emanating to him on the couch. He comes to see what's wrong and realizes that I am still on the quest for my deodorant. The worse part is that I think he is getting a kick out of this. For once his deranged idea has saved himself the fate I am now facing. The fate that I have to start over. I have to find a new deodorant. I have to test multiple kinds out and then commit. And don't think for a second that from this point on I won't forever have in the back of my mind that this new company I commit to can just discontinue it at the drop of a hat. On a whim.

As a friend pointed out to me on IM during my frantic search for the deodorant online, maybe this is good for me. Maybe this will be a step in a new direction. A letting go and trying new.

But somehow in the back of my mind I don't think I will be the woman who decides to try her husband's method of choosing deodorant and looks for the free gift attached the stick. Or the woman who goes into a drugstore and looks for the yellow coupon hanging from the shelf advertising the 2 for 1 special. 

In my quest for a new deodorant I have some conditions and I fear my conditions will narrow down my selection by quite a bit. My conditions remain, gel. clear. unscented. And so my quest begins.

Wish me well on my journey. My journey of change. . .