Homemade Paper

Last week the boys went to our local park camp for a few days. They had a blast and came home with some really cool creations. I think my favorite is this homemade paper. They were so proud of it and I thought it was pretty cool, so now it is on the wall in our dining room. Seriously, with these three little artists, and the photos of my 3 little artists, there is no need for anything else to hang on my walls. Either they create something or their cute faces adorn all the walls in my house. And it makes me happy that I know all the artists personally. 




And I had to share this drawing of Sawyer's, it's a portrait of his daddy. It cracks me up that he even got Aaron's company logo name correct. And apparently Aaron now has earrings and a go-tee, he has spent a little too much time with daddy on the job. And has a really accurate perspective of what elevator mechanics look like!