Why I Refuse to Shop at Your Grocery Store

And by YOU, I mean the internet people as a whole. Not YOU individually necessarily. So don't take offense. But in case YOU do shop at your local large chain grocery store maybe you will think twice after you read this. And if not, well, that's just dumb. And to all the husbands of my friends who read my blog and who "poo-poo" my whole "organic is best and you are what you eat, why don't you shop at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods?" theory, well, read this.

I just finished reading the boys a new Magic Treehouse book which ventured to Africa and they learned about beehives and honey. As soon as the chapter was done, Gunnar asked if he could try a honey and peanut butter sandwich for school one day. Why, brilliant idea! The honey I had. The cashew butter, which is what we eat because peanut butter is horrible for you, we had. But alas I didn't have bread! Now, normally I buy bread once a week at Le Pain Quotidien bakery across the street from where I work. But this particular week I was too busy to make my usual stop there. Thus, no bread. 

I am always trying to see the good in my local Ralphs and I am always again and again disappointed by it. It's just disgusting. But, it's close to my house, and Trader Joe's was closed, so I thought, "give it another try". 

First of all, I think it should be illegal that stores like this are allowed to put the crap candy aisle next to the cereals and diapers. Really? That's just offensive. Back to my bread adventure. I find the aisle and begin to peruse the dozens and dozens of shelves of bread. I find a rack that appears at first glance to be the healthiest. I see 100% Natural, Whole Wheat. It is wrapped in ugly packaging, which usually is an indication that it's good for you, and the one of the more expensive ones at $4.99 a loaf. Pulled it off the shelf and checked out the ingredients. Now this is something that most people don't do. They wouldn't even think to check the ingredients because the packaging is so misleading. Can I tell you my shock and horror? Yes, HORROR! I must've picked up and read the ingredients of every brand of whole wheat bread and could not find ONE loaf of bread that did not have HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP on the ingredients. IN BREAD! Oh, AND BROWN SUGAR TOO! My friends, why in the world is their high fructose corn syrup and brown sugar going in our bread? Our supposedly HEALTHY bread?!!

Really, it made my stomach turn. And as I was walking out of this aisle I wanted to turn and yell at the mom with the 2 children in the cart to run away, far away, and then I realized they were snacking on fruit snacks, which is another thing that makes my stomach turn which is eating away the enamel of our young children's teeth as we speak, and misleading them all the more so because the word FRUIT is in the title. I wanted to plead with her that just down the street are markets that will not put your children at risk for diabetes before they can read, but I kept my mouth shut.

I drove on to Whole Foods, just walking in that store makes me relax. It's very strange, but true. Now let me tell you, all YE DOUBTERS, the first loaf of bread I picked up, which was NOT the cheapest, it was the normal Whole Foods Organic brand, and it was CHEAPER than the crap at Ralphs. Yes, it was $4.65 compared to the $4.99 at Ralphs. And, I am going to list every ingredient in this Sweet Whole Grain loaf of bread: Whole Wheat Berry, Water, Whole Wheat Flour, Agave Juice, Vital Wheat Gluten, Canola Oil, Sea Salt, Cultured Wheat Flour, Yeast, Enzymes. Now, what would you rather your child or even yourself eat in the morning as toast. Some high fructose corn syrup slathered in brown sugar or the ingredients I just listed? 

I am not particularly fond of this country for many reasons, I respect it, I appreciate my religious freedoms, but it's appalling that it's okay and normal to ingest the things that are sold at the super market. And I'm not that bad, I am not one that will only eat at restaurants who purchase organic foods and ingredients. I let my kids eat Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daz occasionally. I even will enjoy a Root Beer on occasion. But come on, in bread people?! This is why our kids suffer the way they do. And it's not their fault. It's ours for not reading the labels and fighting back.

Okay, I think my little rant is done. I just had to vent because I honestly was this close to picking up this loaf of supposedly natural bread and taking it home with me. Fortunately my type A personality made me read the label. Thank goodness.