Gym Party

The kids were invited to a friend's gymnastics party at Broadway Gymnastics. The boys have taken one session of serious gym classes at a different gymnasium, and it was pure joy for them. Unfortunately, the price was not so joyous. I think it was a once a week class and it was $30 each kid, each 45 minute class for 8 weeks. On the bright side, Greta was too little to take a class, so it was just the 2 boys. Although it was extremely pricey, the boys had a ball. And it was nice for us that when class was over they were zombies. They worked the kids hard from the trampoline to the balance bars to the rings. 

Needless to say they were pretty excited to receive this invitation. I didn't want to post any of my pictures with other kids' faces from the front because I forgot to ask if it was okay from the parents. So here are some of my kids and a few side profiles of some of the kids that were there.