Project- End Table

Aaron and I made this table together the first year we were married, when we were living in New York. Since we have moved into our house it has just sat in the guest room in a corner, doing absolutely nothing useful. And it's not that pretty to begin with either. Coincidentally, my children have been bringing into our house many lovely items, like spiders that they catch with their bug vacuum. The spiders sit in their canister all over the house, waiting for my forgetful children to remember to feed them some kind of other live spider or mosquito. Needless to say, I did some table rearranging and used a beat up end table that used to be in our living room as our new porch table. Which now houses all living things so when we walk to the front door we can be reminded of the starving spiders awaiting their dinner. Then I had a missing end table in my living room. This is where this table came in. 

After putting to use my handy power sander, love that thing, I decided to prime and paint it in my favorite color, which I never really liked until about a year ago, orange. I found this gorgeous paint by Benjamin Moore called Navajo Red. I know, it's not red. This is the first time I bought the paint without sampling it first, I chose it straight off a color card. And fortunately, it was just the right orange that I envisioned. I had them mix it for exterior paint with semi gloss since I think that's hardier for our furniture which is used daily. Aaron wouldn't let me use the saw, so he sawed about 7 inches off the legs to make it the right height. Here she is.

And here is our repurposed porch table, already housing a spider family. Although, I'm not loving the black, so not sure how long that will remain black. Maybe for next month's project. . .