A friend turned me onto these juice boxes that are actually water! How ingenious! Since the whole scary bisphenol-A revelation we are very anti-plastic. As much as we have control over when it comes especially to our kids. I have been sending the kids to school with SIGG cups and Thermos type containers, but Gunnar lost 2 this year, and at $15 a pop, well, that's $30, not to mention what Sawyer lost at preschool. So these water boxes come in packs of 6 and are $2.99 a pack, and because we bought a case of them it's 10% off at your local Whole Foods. That's about $2.70 for 6, which comes to roughly .45 cents a box. That equals a whole lot of Sigg cups, let me tell you. 

And in case your local Whole Foods doesn't care this particular kind, they will bring it in from another store free of charge. The brand is Wateroos and it's the one with the Penguin on the front.