Just some recent happenings going on over here. . .

Greta is in a definite anti-mommy mode, one that I never experienced with the boys, so it's a little new for me to play second fiddle. Of course when she is sad, hurt, or scared I'm "it", but other than that, it's really all about dad. However, I can relate to being a daddy's girl, so no hurt feelings here.

The other morning she crawled in my bed and Aaron had already left for work. A few minutes later Gunnar crawled in. She scooted next to me and laid her head on my chest. It was very sweet. She lifted her head and looked me straight in the eyes. I was waiting for her to say something lovely to her mama, like "i love you" or some other sweet tidbit. Instead, she lifted her head, looked me squarely in the eyes and said, "i like daddy better". Gunnar is rolling with laughter on the other side of the bed. And I am silent with shock! What am I supposed to say. That's rude. Or don't say that. She was simply stating a fact and it's one I have to live with I guess!

Other news came from a conversation while I was rocking her for her nap today. You are all aware of her gift for stalling during nap and bedtime. And she is learning about relationships, moms and dads, sisters, brothers. And how they all relate to each other and herself. You'll need to know that Summer is a friend of my sister's whom Greta has only met once. And was actually traumatized by it. Summer has no children but is a sweetheart. I have no idea why she scared Greta half to death. She doesn't relate to children so well, no offense Summer, we love you! But the girl can't stop talking about Summer since this incident. Very strange.

Greta: Mama. Mika is sick.

Me: Yes. I heard.

Greta: Her daddy will give her medicine?

Me: Probably. 

Greta: NO! Her mama, LuAnn will give her medicine!

Me: Actually, her mama is LO-ANN. LuAnn is Mason's mama.

Greta: And who is Alissa's mama?

Me: Jane.

By this point I should have caught on to the whole stalling thing, but I didn't.

Greta: And who is Summer's mama?

Me: I don't know. I have never seen her.

Greta: And who is Summer's baby?

Me: She doesn't have one.

Greta: Who is Summer's baby?

Me: She doesn't have one, Greta.


Me: Greta, not everyone has a baby. Tati doesn't have a baby.

Greta: Yes. Is her baby in MINE!

Me: Oh, YOU are Tati's baby?

Greta: YES!

Me: I thought you were MY baby.

Greta: No.

Me: So who is my baby?

Greta: Mine is your baby too.

Me: You are my baby and Tati's baby.

Greta: Yes.

Me: Alright.

Greta: And Summer is Tati's baby.

Me: Okay, we need to work on this concept a little more. Now, please just go to sleep and stop talking. I am beginning to have a headache.

Greta: Oh, I give you medicine. Your head hurts? I be your mama.