For anyone that has known me, my hair is pretty much my identity. You change that, it doesn't look like Deborah. Well, for a little while my hair will be a bit different. I had a Keratin Treatment done where I work by two fantastic stylists. Yeah, they have to double team me because my hair is so. . .large.

I'm not really comfortable posting photos of myself, but I thought since most of you know what my hair is like on a normal basis, you'd like to see what it's like after this treatment. I can't wash, clip, ponytail, it for 3 days. And then it's supposed to lessen my curl a little and get rid of all the frizz. I am pretty excited since I never wanted to permanently damage my hair with a lot of the straightening treatments out there, but love the change of having it straight. Hate the work. So over the next few weeks my curl may change a little and it'll be a breeze to blow dry if I decide to. Oh, and the best part. It's great for your hair. I can do it again next week if I wanted to. The more damaged and colored the hair, the better. And for women with straight hair that hate to blow dry or flat iron theirs, you can do this instead and after you wash it, it'll dry completely straight, with no work! 

As you can see, I'm pretty excited. It's from Brazil and getting really popular out here. If you have any questions or want the girls' names who did it, email me. 

I'm not so good about just sitting there and taking a picture. And the kids needed to do a little dental investigating themselves.