robot talk

We play a little game in the car, usually it's a distraction tool for the kids. We all take turns talking like robots. This. Involves. Pausing. After. Every. Word.

Here's the latest conversation:

Soso: I. Am. A. Robot.

Deborah: Hello. Robot. 

Aaron: Are. You. A. Pink. Robot?

Soso: No. I. Am. A. Boy. Robot.

Gunnar: I. Am. A. Golf. Player. Robot.

Soso: I. Have. Blue. And. Black. Stripes.

Deborah: I. Like. Flowers. Can. You. Laugh? I. Can. He. He. He.

Soso: Ha. Ha. Ha.

Deborah: What. About. You? Greta? Are. You. A. Robot?

Greta: No. I. Am. A. Pwincess.