Natural History Museum

There are still places I have never been to in Southern California after having lived here my whole life. One place that I experienced for the first time with my kids was the Natural History Museum. It's really close and really interesting.

They boys thought it was the coolest thing and we took advantage of the Dinosaur Encounters that is going on there at the moment. A paleontologist gives a little history and information I have never known about dinosaurs. For instance, did you know that dinosaurs had feathers? That they were really what we consider as birds today? Crazy! And then all of a sudden a life-size juvenile T-Rex comes out. Someone is inside the suit and controls it like a puppet. If I had only got a photo of Sawyer's face. It was priceless.

Sorry the photos are not very clear, it was really dark and there was a lot of chasing children around large corridors and halls.

Downstairs they have a great insect discovery zone that is very hands on. We got to see some lovely 6 inch cockroaches. Yay.

Sawyer immediately spotted Foxy's bones. He was delighted to find out that foxes have lived a very very long time.