A Book Update. . .

I really don't think most of you are that interested, but here it is anyways. What we've been reading in our house of late has been,

for me- Loving Frank which was awesome. I finished it and now all I can think about is visiting Chicago's Oak Park neighborhood to see all the homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is supposed to be fiction, but it is based on true people and events, some details and actual conversations were fictionalized, but the whole time I really felt like it was true. Although it's a love story, it's not mushy and I think men would enjoy it just as much as women. It's on the shelf for Aaron to read next. 

the kids- They are loving this series by one of our favorites, Lauren Child. Clarice Bean is the main character and I find myself laughing as I read the stories. This one is a particular fave, and so is this one. We have almost the whole series and each one is just a great story, kids of all ages would love them. 

Hopefully soon I will have some more good reads to recommend. I picked up a few at Barnes and Noble today to bring with us on our trip coming up. I am only hoping I have the time to read one in between snorkeling, kayaking, keeping my children from drowning in the pool and ocean, making sure Sawyer leaves the endangered turtles alone, and taking some good pics.

Email me if anyone wants to do a book trade. I feel bad buying all these books and only reading them once and they sit in a cabinet. Let me know what you got and what you want. . .