Beach. . .yep, another day

I kept my word about taking the kids back to the beach. We went to a beach day/barbeque at a home my dad is building in Manhattan Beach. First of all, the house. Wow. Sawyer asked why we don't have a house on the beach like that. Good question. I told him that this house is actually only going to be lived in for 6 weeks each year, it's their second house. His response? I want a second house. Yeah, so do I. 

Other than my husband becoming deathly ill from sun poisoning we had a nice day. The sick part didn't happen til much later that night. Pretty much all day in the sun and no water will do that to you. I think he will be more responsible next time. I think one of Sawyer's highlights of the day was kite flying. It was the most beautiful weather for it and we had a great time.