back home.

If you can believe it, Mr. Spiderman, Tobey Maguire and his family were also on our flight home. And he was much better this time around. Very helpful with his wife and child, thank goodness. You've redeemed yourself a little in my book, Tobes. 

Aside from some jetlag involving the children still awake at midnight, we're doing fine. And if you know me and how anal I am regarding my kids' bedtimes than you can see me twitching still from their lack of sleep last night. I think Greta sleeping for 2.5 hours on the plane had something to do with her sudden burst of energy at 12am. 

Here are some final photos from our last night in Hawaii. We miss you already Hawaii. Sawyer cried when we told him it was the day we were leaving. He insists on moving there someday. Uncle Carl took his stitches out today and the wound looks pretty healed. It will be a small scar to add to the other 2 he has on his face, and the many more I am sure that are yet to come. 

My mom bought Greta her Hawaiian dress the previous evening. She does a little hula dance in it that is pretty darn cute.