my hammock

This is how my lovely morning began with my new book. I finished the first new book I brought with me in the first 2 days, because it was really good. At First Sight, by the same author who wrote The Notebook. Really good, really fast read. And now I am onto a book I should've read when it first came out, but I think I had just birthed a baby or something at that time and reading anything other than breastpump manuals was far from my mind. I'm reading The Kite Runner, and only about halfway through, but so good, so sad. I can tell this is a book I will be thinking about for many days when I am done. Thinking about how fortunate my children are and how although this isn't a true story, it is someone's true story somewhere. 

Within a few minutes my hammock then looked like this.

And a few minutes later, like this.