Project- August

Most people in California have no clue what a mudroom is unless they have lived at some point in their life outside California. When we were building our house we had moved back from New York and I really wanted a mudroom. It's right off our back door and I wanted a place to hang our coats and shoes. I loved the whole concept of a mudroom, and Aaron grew up in Minnesota, so to him it was something he had always had. I envisioned a neat brightly lit room, and instead, this is what our mudroom looked like.

It became a storage facility for everything without a home or anything that we used often. Those two don't mix real well. This is where anything from our skateboards to snowboards, rain boots to sun hats, backpacks to balls found their home. And as you can imagine, it gave me a heart attack almost everytime I had to pass through.

One afternoon I was a little angsty and took it out on the mudroom. I'm glad I did. Now almost everything has a proper home.

Each child has a hook for their backpack/lunchbox and one hook for the reusable grocery bags.

I think Lola is pretty happy with her uncluttered room now as this is where she sleeps every night.