What we do. . .

A few early pics of what we do everyday in Hawaii. The kids are having a ball playing in the tide pools and finding crabs and fish. We swim, we eat, we snorkel, we eat, we sleep, we swim. That's pretty much the routine here. We play on the beach, and the kids are loving the food here. They eat fruit and fish like it's going out of style. You'd be surprised how quickly they adapt to no shirts and no shoes. Everywhere.

Sawyer is looking darker than anyone, the boy tans even though I slather the SPF 30 every 2 hours. It's his back that just gleams with a suntan from all the hours he spends swimming in the pool underwater. He of all the kids is enjoying himself the most. He asks each morning at breakfast how many more days we have because he is dreading leaving this place. He has already asked if we can just move here. 

The first morning was rough with all the kids up at 5:30am because of the time change. Fortunately this morning only Greta got up at that time and the boys slept in til 6:45am. Here's hoping to them sleeping til 7am tomorrow. 

Here are a few of the many large sea turtles that just hang out on the beach and in the bay here. There's two in the foreground and Uncle Judah and Sawyer climbing rocks in the background.

I have decided Greta has the perfect beach hair that every girl dreams of having. In the pool, ocean, you name it, she ends up with the most beautiful perfect tendrils, every single day, that just blow in the wind. Meanwhile, my frizzy mane is in a hat. Every single day.

And of course Gunnar had to remember his golf clubs. He missed his last lesson of the summer Wednesday night because of the fever and leaving the next morning. But have no fear, there's golf in Hawaii. And he is putting all those lessons on form to good use.

Since I am on my old laptop and loading my pictures are taking forever, I will try and post a new favorite pic each day from our vacation.