we made it.

Yep, we made it on our vacation. I wasn't quite sure I was going to fly out with Greta on Thursday. Not too many know that the kids came down, beginning with Sawyer on Monday, with fevers. They dropped like flies, Sawyer, then Gunnar, then Greta. Greta was the last to get it and thus the last to finish as well. Fortunately by Wednesday afternoon her fever broke and they all have a very nice dotted rash covering their little bodies now. The doctor said it was a virus since they have all had roseola previously, and the rash was part of the virus as well.

It was a good thing we flew out Thursday because I have some very exciting celebrity news to share. On our flight was Tobey Maguire, his wife Jennifer Meyer and their daughter Ruby. My sister of course was the first to spot this and she conveniently let Greta walk nearby the first class curtain for little Ruby to catch her eye. They're only a few months apart and were quite taken with each other. Well, let me clarify. Ruby was quite taken with Greta, and Greta was taken with Ruby's doll. That's how it went off and on for a few hours. The girls played and both refused to nap. Ruby even came back to coach to find Greta. All in all, Jennifer was a sweetheart, so nice and down to earth. The girls bonded over their matching shoes which was really cute. Her husband on the other hand, Mr. Spiderman. More like Mr. Sourpuss. I did not see him take his eye mask off once the entire flight to lift a finger for their daughter. Nor in baggage claim did he help with a single piece of luggage. I am hoping he was ill or recovering from a movie shoot somewhere, because he was kind of a jerk. When they were leaving with their bags Jennifer made a point to say, "Ruby, tell Greta goodbye!" She was truly a nice person to talk to, but I don't know what his problem was.

I am not into asking for autographs or staring at stars. I see enough of them walk through the doors of my work to no longer be starstruck, and maybe that's why it irritates me so much to see someone irritated at nothing at all. No one was bothering him, no one was staring. Maybe I was staring a little because he wasn't helping his poor wife. But that has nothing to do with what you do for a living.

Back to the original point, we are on the Big Island of Hawaii and hopefully I will be able to post a few pics over the next week of our vacation. I will work on loading some pictures and hopefully be back to daily posting of them tomorrow.

I will drink a Lavaflow for you. I already did. I'll have some Mai Tais too.