Project Bookcase

I have been meaning to redo Greta's bookcase since she moved into her own room earlier this year. It was the bookcase that the boys used and it was the only honey colored piece of furniture in her room. I think it was from Pottery Barn a long time ago. It stuck out like a sore thumb so I finally got around to doing something about it. The only problem was I have never refinished anything in my life. And after a little research I decided restaining wasn't going to happen. 

Instead I was persuaded by Aaron to purchase an electric sander and repaint it. I secretly think it was only the power tool purchase that made him agree to my new plan. This time around I was able to indulge my little people's dream of helping me paint. They did the whole back side themselves. 

I also had this vision of wallpapering the back of the shelves. I couldn't remember if I had seen it anywhere, but I think I have and just filed it away in my brain somewhere. Aaron had to help with the wallpaper, I was not about to screw it up, although I did have 11 yards so messing up wouldn't be the end of the world. Anyone need some wallpaper?