10 things i will miss about summer. . .

I realized this morning that we only have 3 1/2 more weeks before Gunnar goes back to school. Here are some things I will miss.

1. The mystery of not knowing which child will crawl in bed with me first in the mornings. Greta has a 60/40 chance over Soso, but it's a toss up. And I never know which one until their footsteps reach my bedroom doorway. Eventually all 3 make their way into my bed for some cuddles and morning wake up time. I will definitely miss that.

2. The many times I reach into my bag for my cell phone or wallet and pull out a pair of goggles.

3. The boys tanned backs. When their shorts creep down a little, you can see the definite line of sun. 

4. Being able to shower at 9am and still get the boys to camp on time, with their lunches packed.

5. Later bedtimes. I love being able to indulge the "just one more story mama" requests and read 5 more books than normal. Instead of just one more it usually ends up being 45 minutes worth of reads, but I don't mind. 

6. The after bath playtime outside. The longer days mean longer sunshine. And after dinner and baths there is still enough time to hang out outside and enjoy the coolness of the night and setting sun. 

7. Vacation. I love looking forward all year to a summer vacation. Hopefully this is a tradition we can keep for the kids' entire lives. There is little better for them than the anticipation of a plane ride and a destination of sand and snorkeling, volcanoes and their family being all together, all day.

8. My Fridays with the kids have been extra special. I love having one day a week where we get to pick a new adventure or activity. We have been able to go to a museum, the beach, swimming, movies, bike rides and park days. I will miss these days being regulated to our weekends where we try to pack too many things into too little days. 

9. The extra good choices of craft and school supplies available. This time of year provides the best markers and paper, backpacks and pens to stock our closets and shelves full for the year. 

10. The unguiltiness (I know, not a word) I feel making Aaron take a day off here and there throughout the summer months to enjoy the extra time with us.

Summer, I will miss you, and cannot wait til we meet again next year, for more adventures and moments like these.