Dick & Jane

These are the books that really helped Sawyer's reading move beyond sound recognition to actual whole word recognition. They are really fantastic. My mom informed me that back in New York when she was in elementary school those were the books she learned to read with in class. I really wish that were the case here instead of the awful Open Court Reading system. But at least we got our hands on some individual Dick and Jane stories and a book of the whole collection. I try and sit with Sawyer for about 20 minutes 3 times a week. The book is perfect for him because he is memorizing sight words and in one story they will repeat a sight word like a bazillion times and each story introduces a new word. And trust me, by the end of the 3 page story, the word is memorized. I didn't know how many times you can put the word "go" in a story, or "oh", or "here". It's pretty great.

Unfortunately I think Sawyer is beginning to believe every story is about children named Dick, Jane, Sally, and Tim. And the only pets are Puff and Spot. 

I put 2 clips together of him reading in the last few weeks, if you can make it through the whole 4 1/2 minutes you'll get some lovely glimpses of the mole removal sites on my back. The circular bandaids kind of give them away. 

Just incase you didn't believe that my 3, now 4 year old was a reader. Here's the proof baby! You can see the words he knows and when he comes to one he isn't 100% sure he will sound it out. But the words he recognizes by sight are growing leaps and bounds. Tonight we read a new story he hadn't seen before and he just read the word "you". Didn't know he ever knew that one.