Noah's Ark

We have been to this exhibit once before. You can read about it here. The kids have been asking to go back since the first time we left the museum. Fortunately I remembered to bring my camera this time around, and Aaron got to come with us too. Greta had no recollection of ever being there, but the boys amazingly remembered everything they did last time. The art project was different and they had a new introduction to the exhibit this time around. I cannot praise the Skirball Cultural Center enough for this exhibit. It is the most hands on children's exhibit we have been to, and they can see in real life how Noah probably did the things he did. From getting the animals into the ark to how wind sounds, electricity is made, the storing of food. We had an awesome time. And if you have never been with your kids, please bring them, you will not regret it and they will get a little bit of history while having fun at the same time. 

Once again, a huge hit with the Sawyer. . .the pulley system to get the animals into the ark.

This is a photo of the second level, to get to it the kids have to climb ropes and once they are they are up they learn how things got from one level to another through rope systems, baskets and pulleys, etc.

Sawyer working on his own ark in the art room.

And such a good lesson for us on the environment, everything in the ark is made from recycled materials. The kids can see how to transform a pair of shoes and a golf ball into an alligator, and a pair of boxing gloves and a hook into a bird.