Swim Update

Sawyer got kicked out of his swimming class because he was too advanced. We started another 2 week round of swimming lessons last week and he's in the next group. I guess the teacher of his first group said the other kids would watch him and think that they too could swim and they couldn't so she was constantly rescuing sinking children. So off he went to Mr. C's class. It's perfect for him. And after a whole lesson of me having to stand in the water near the group he was fine with the change. And then I was able to get some shots. 

Greta is pretty thrilled this time around to be in her own swim lesson. However she so far has only let daddy go with her. Mama is banished to the sidelines to take pics. 

Gunnar has a tough teacher, but he's great, just what he needs. Gunnar is learning so much and this particular day he was trying to improve his side breathing, keeping his ear in the water.

Here is Sawyer's new teacher, and below is the belly float. Just love the butt in the air.

I will have some more swim photos later this week. The day after this lesson we went swimming and Sawyer took his first breath out of water without stopping his arms and legs. Usually when he breaths he forgets he has to keep going, but not anymore. He is a full on breathing swimming machine. Love my little fishies.