bellies & birthdays

I had to come home and document our conversation today, or fear of forgetting. I love Fridays during summer. The kids have no camp, and other than swimming lessons, which we will miss today so we went swimming at my mom's in the morning, we have no other obligation than fun. I've been trying to pick a different adventure each Friday for the kids. Swimming, beach, museum. But most of all I love our car time together driving to our activity. Me and the 3 kids have some very interesting conversations. Here's one,

Me: Soso, do you remember what tomorrow is?

Sawyer: Nope. Am I going to be four finally?

Me: Yep. Today 4 years ago you were still in my belly, but tomorrow you came out of my belly. It's the day you were born.

Sawyer: So when I was in your belly. I was like this? (bringing his knees up to his chest and tucking his head down.)

Me: Yeah, you were all scrunched up like that, into a little ball.

Sawyer: And did I like it?

Me: Yep, all babies love to be in their mommies bellies. They like to listen to her heartbeat and they get to eat through their belly button, they don't even have to open their mouths for that. And they like how when the mama walks she rocks them to sleep.

Sawyer: And did I ever hurt you like this? (punching the air)

Me: Sometimes you would kick and punch, but it didn't hurt too bad.

Sawyer: And when I'm big like you I'm going to have a baby in my belly?

Me: Nope. Just the mommies get to have the babies in their belly. But you will get to be a daddy.

Gunnar: Uncle Carl isn't a daddy.

Sawyer: Yeah. He's not a daddy.

Gunnar: Why doesn't Tati have a baby?

Greta: Was I in your belly too? Or I was in Soso's belly?

Sawyer: When I was in mama's belly, that's when you were in my belly.

Greta: Ohhh.

Me: No. First Gunnar was in my belly, then Sawyer, then Greta. But never at the same time. I don't know why Tati doesn't have a baby. You should ask her.

Sawyer: Because it takes too much time.

Gunnar: I think it's because she couldn't go to the gym as much. 

Me: Do you think she would be a good mama?

Gunnar: Yeah.

Greta: I was in your belly mama?

Sawyer: This is my last 3 year day.

Me: Yep.