100 Great Discoveries

I think most of you probably remember reading a post of mine about the opposite choices in television Aaron and I have, among other things. Bear with me, this may be a jumble of random thoughts. Hang in there.

I haven't been to a movie in awhile and since I saw the preview for Mamma Mia months ago Aaron informed me that I can go to that one alone. So I took him up on that offer this evening. First of all, let me tell you, it is wonderful! Go and see it. I am not a fan of musical movies. Never liked Moulin Rouge, wasn't overly thrilled with Dreamgirls, never saw Evita. But I do have a love affair with Grease 2. And this movie has pushed Grease 2 down a notch. 

The textiles in the film are delicious. The scene on the boat, with all the josepf frank fabrics and pillows are just stunning. Meryl Streep is so talented, I love her. She also gave me hope that I don't have to cut all my hair off when I turn 50, that maybe I can be an older woman with long hair if I live on a Greek Isle. Pierce Brosnan is really cute in his attempt to sing. In fact the audience laughed everytime he opened his mouth, but he was really really trying. I sat next to 4 generations of women from the same family. It was very sweet to see great grandma and great grandchild all sing along and dance in their seat to "Dancing Queen". And let me tell you, the entire audience was singing out loud to all the songs. And be sure you stay for the entire movie, including the credits. You don't want to miss it. Okay, there's my mama's movie review for Mamma Mia. Just go see it, okay?

So I came home and Aaron was watching TV. I had to of course watch my tivo'd TMZ and then when it was over it immediately switches to what he was watching earlier. I'm sure you can guess the subject material. The title was "100 Great Discoveries". Yeah, not peaking my interest unless it's the 100 Great Discoveries of stain removal, the high heel, and facial cleanser. Well, this was not domestic discoveries. I decide to indulge my wonderful husband and sit with him while he becomes entranced with this show. And I do have to admit, it is a little interesting. I probably would find it more interesting if I understood it. 

The discovery that we came in on was something about Newton and gravity. The commentator said that many people think that if an object weighs more, it falls to the ground faster.

Me: Yeah, that's true.

Aaron: No, it's not Deborah.

Me: Yes, it is.

Aaron: NO. It is not.

Me: Ok. If I take a book and this feather. The feather will take longer to hit the floor. Genius.

Just then the goofy looking scientist holds up a feather and a book. I believe I will have vindication and then he utters some remark that they fall at the same speed. Huh? Then he goes on to some explanation about air speed or resistance or something and demonstrates if you put the feather on top of the book they fall at the same time. 

K, I was wrong.

Next brilliant discovery that I don't think has anything to do with me is about relativity. Yeah, can I mention that I chose ceramics instead of physics. 

This other scientist is talking about Einstein and how he developed this theory, and I can't quite remember it exactly, but it had to do with time slowing down somewhere. Time slowing down? Seriously. Time is time. A second is a second.

Me: I'm sorry. How can you think time is slower somewhere else? And we think this guy is a genius?

Aaron: Deborah it IS true. If you travel faster than the speed of light time slows down. 

Me: How?

Aaron(with a little bit of exasperation at the thought of being able to actually explain this in a way that I can grasp it): I can't explain that to you.

Me: Yeah, because it's impossible.

Aaron: No. It's true. Okay. Deborah. Deborah. Deborah. . . If you take 2 twins and leave one on earth and put one in a rocket and shoot them so they are travelling faster than the speed of light, when you bring those twins back together again on earth, the one who stayed on earth will have aged more.

Me: No way! You don't wrinkle and age as fast if you're in space?! Ha! NO way!

Aaron: Deborah. Listen. Don't you know that when you look up in the sky and see a star you are only looking at the light that came from that star like a 1000 years ago!! That star probably isn't even there anymore. 

Me: So we can travel at the speed of light and then we will be younger?

Aaron: No, it's actually impossible for us to travel faster than the speed of light. But that's the theory. It makes sense.

Me: Why would someone spend all this time and brain power to figure something out that isn't even possible. That's stupid. 

Aaron: No. It's not stupid. And by the way, why didn't you take science in school? That would've helped you. In fact, this is stating things in a very simple way, you need to know this to help your kids understand this. 

Me: I did take science. I took Marine Biology. And I refused to disect a shark because it was not humane. 

Aaron: Ok. 

By now we missed about 3 Great Discoveries and now it was onto something about electromagnetism. 

Aaron: Yeah, you probably don't want to watch this. It's going to hurt.

Me: I think you're right. I'll go post on my blog. . . dee dee dee. . .dancing queen. . .dee dee dee. . .only seventeen! dee deeeee. de de de deeeeee.