Body Parts

This particular evening I was on Greta nighttime duty and I was hanging her clothes up in her closet. I overheard this conversation between her princess figurines. For the record, her Vs and Ws are pronounced with a B, just so you know!

Greta: Hi, Princess Snow White. My name is Princess Bagina. How do you do?

Me: Ummm, Greta? What was that Princess' name?

Greta: Princess Bagina.

Me: Yeah, sweetie. That's not such a good name for a princess.

Greta: But Mama, she's a girl, and girls have baginas.

Me: Yes, that is true. But how about we name her something else?

Greta: Ok. Hello, my name is Princess Aurora.

Me: That's much better.

Greta: And this is the evil bitch.

Me: Do we have to have a witch in this conversation?

Greta: Yes, the evil bitch is going to make this Princess eat a bad apple.

Me: Alright, do what you want. I give up.