Day at the Beach

I know we live very close to the beach, but honestly it isn't a nice beach. It's pretty, for sure. But definitely polluted. The Santa Monica Pier is really fun for the kids, and the beach is a great backdrop for our family photos, but you couldn't get me to swim in it, not since the last time I swam in it and got an eye infection. 

However, I decided to give the beach another try. This time a 20 minute drive south to Manhattan Beach. Some friends go regularly and me and the boys decided to join them. I was a little embarassed when I told Sawyer we were going to the beach and his eyes got huge and he yelled, "we're going to Hawaii!?!" Yep, my son thinks the beach equals Hawaii. Sad, I know. But I had to break it to him that there is actually a beach HERE that we can go to. Not just drive by, but actually take our sand toys and walk to the shore! Imagine that.

So, I did it. I hate the beach. Not only are the California beaches dark, murky, and frigid, but I also was constantly thinking of what was going to float up next to me. How many syringes and wrappers I might find. But alas, the boys had so much fun. I think for 3 hours straight Sawyer just ran back and forth in the water. From one side of the lifeguard station to the other. He just ran and ran. He loved the water chasing him, he didn't mind shivering a little, and it was worth it just to watch them play and smile. 

I will however be vacuuming sand out of my house and car for weeks. I hate sand. I hate wet sand. And I hate sandy kids. But I think you can tell from the photos, we'll be back.