Project #2- July

I am really going to try to complete something happy each month. Happy to me means organized or painted or hung on a wall or organized or new or organized. . .

This wall never thrilled me. It isn't a TRUE before because we had a mirror hanging there for almost 3 years. Just a simple rectangle mirror. And the table always looked cluttered to me, it had a bunch of picture frames. The table in reality needs to be free from anything because everytime we walk in the front door that's where the keys, mail, purse, etc. goes. And every day I would be knocking over picture frames and it would just make me angry. Not happy.

This project has taken me more than a month. I had to learn a whole new editing program and then choose the photos I wanted to print(which was the hardest thing), and then print them, and then find the frames, and then get Aaron to make mock ups on the wall so I could envision where it would be, and then get Aaron to actually hang them after convincing him of my idea. For the record, once again, he was NOT on this bandwagon. Not UNTIL it was completed. Now he loves it. And so do I. 

I love having a whole wall to display some of my most favorite shots. I took all the shots but one, the one I am in of course. That one was taken by Mike, our family photographer. I am quite proud if you couldn't see my smile in the reflection of your computer screen. 


AFTER- TADA! Yes, I'm more than a little proud.