I feel old.

I was browsing my local Nordstrom shoe department and stumbled upon an entire TABLE of these. And let me just say that they were not displayed for my grandma's demographic.


I feel really really old. I remember growing up and seeing "hip" people wearing these, and thinking how I would never wear those. And you know what, I never did. And true to my word, I still won't. But now that they are back IN, if you really could ever call it that, I feel just plain old. I mean what's next?! Crotch buttoned one piece leotard shirts, shirts that tie to the side, banana clips! I can go on. Thinking about it, 30 is looming heavily before me. I am closer to 30 than to 25 now. I am no longer in my mid twenties, rather I am in my late twenties. And you think I would actually FEEL much older than I am, having 3 kids, a house and a dog. But I don't. I honestly feel like I am 18, 19 max! Yet seeing things like this at the mall, and passing 15 year old teenagers wearing these shoes and their skinny jeans makes me feel like I could be their mom.

To top it off, I'm not even a cool auntie. My only nephew is so far away he doesn't even know I exist, and cool? Well, he's not going to think I'm cool. Because by the time he is 13, I am going to try to look younger and buy these ugly high top Reeboks in key lime green, and wear them with my leggings and a big 'ol banana clip, and he is going to tell all his friends that he doesn't know me, in fact, I'm just some crazy relative from L.A. 

Can anybody say mid life crisis?