With my kids

I have very few photos of me and the kids. We do family portraits once a year, and that's pretty much it for pictures of me, unless it's with someone else's camera. Aaron doesn't really take too many photos, I am too busy doing that. But this particular day he snapped a few of me and the kids. Unfortunately this is the last time he will have taken photos with my camera. Last night he broke my camera, it's in the repair shop. I don't think elevator mechanics are all that gentle, they like to jam stuff in places. And when the CF card didn't go in easily, well, there's a reason. But he forced it a little and broke the prongs on the inside. So, $200 later and 2 weeks of me without a camera, I should have it back. I seriously don't know what to do with myself and no camera. Rarely a day or two will go by without me snapping photos of something. I am going to have to go through my pics and see if there is anything I haven't posted before to keep you all entertained. Not that you come to this blog for entertainment, but a little visual stimulation is always fun.