Book Time

I have a few new reads that myself and the kids are loving. My mom bought some great new story books from our favorite toy/bookstore, and I have to share. They are pretty funny and the illustrations are awesome. 

This one is probably Greta and Sawyer's most favorite book at the moment. Why is something so stinky so funny to toddlers?

I love the message from this one, it is always my bedtime book of choice lately. 

For pirate lovers, this one is really cute. We have a whole pirate collection of stories and books now.

I just finished The Alchemist yesterday. I needed something fiction after the last two books I read. I know I am two decades behind on reading this, but better late than never. It's a fable about a shepherd boy from Andalusia, Spain, who is on a quest for his Personal Legend. It's a journey for him, a quest, but it's what he learns on that journey that is most important and life changing. It's a quick read and probably inspirational for most, for me, it was a good story.

What's on your night stand and in your bedtime book basket? I am always in need of new suggestions. . .