Water Week- Day 1-Progress

As you will probably see from the photos of summertime, swimming is a huge part of our daily lives. If only we had a pool. All week I will post water photos and info. 

I grew up a strong swimmer. My sister and I spent every single summer for as long as I can remember in swim school. We started out as polliwogs then on to minnows, fish, flying fish, sharks, tiger sharks, then you were ready for the final test. Oh, that is after you passed the CPR course as well. The final test was jumping in water, wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and treading water straight for a half an hour. Only after this were you certified a swimmer. Needless to say, my kids are not swimmers, well. . . not yet.

This is a constant bone of minor contention between Aaron and I. Well, that and the closet shelves. He did not grow up swimming. He can swim, meaning not drown. But not s w i m. He can only jump in holding his nose because he is convinced, along with at least one of his brothers whom I witnessed doing this same nose plug thing in Mexico, that he was not born with the flap that closes his nose off from water. I have tried to explain to him that we don't have a flap. But rather we train ourselves to slightly blow out air through our nose preventing water from going IN. He didn't believe me. And when Gunnar and Sawyer were demonstrating this and encouraging their daddy to dip his head in the water and blow bubbles through his mouth, well, that's when Aaron took his leave. There was no way his 3 and 6 year olds were going to school him on bubble blowing in the pool. But honestly, that is how they learn. It's the first thing they do and gets them to put their face in the water and plug their flaps so to speak. 

But I can already see the words Jr. Lifeguard on the back of Gunnar's shirt. By the third day of swimming lessons he was moved up to the next level. And his excitement was undeniable. My excitement came the following day when I witnessed this.

You are probably thinking, what's the big deal? Well, my friends, this is a stroke. The VERY first stroke, and one of many to come. We will go from freestyle, to breaststroke, to butterfly, to dolphin kick, back stroke. I get excited just thinking about it! Another huge feat he overcame this day was the diving board. He walked up there and just did it. All the while completely freaking out, but when he jumped in and swam to the edge he had the biggest smile spread across that face. Priceless.