Pinkalicious has been Greta's favorite book since she could say the word "pink". If you have a daughter, niece, granddaughter, friend's daughter, you get my point, this book has to be in their library. I will personally feel you are depriving your daughter of literary joy if you do not get them this book. 

So, of course, Greta's very first party of her entire life had to be themed Pinkalicious. Not only does my daughter view pink as her favorite color, think her eye color is pink, and won't wear something unless pink is somewhere on the outfit, but I had to indulge this girly party myself. Come on! I have been hosting boy or neutral themed parties for all of our friends children for 6 years. I most definitely can enjoy the benefits of a daughter. 

If you have read the book, then the flower choice was a given.

Pink Peonies 

We had a wide range of ages there so I was a little puzzled at what activities or crafts we should have. When the girls were first arriving they colored these really cute coloring pages from this website. Then we made homemade tutus. I was definitely glad I cut the 160 tulle strips the night before. 

I think the tutus were a big hit, and pretty easy to make, with a little mom help of course. Then we breaked for another beloved pastime, dress up. The girls loved swapping costumes. How cute are they holding hands in their princess outfits?

Then it was cake decorating time and eating. Which, by the way, it is necessary to have a rolling pin when making cookies. This would be a kitchen tool that I do not own. Fortunately, my neighbor is much more baking friendly and loaned me hers. Also, a big heads up, you have to flour every time you flip or roll. Yep, every time, or else it sticks to everything. But we managed. 

And lastly it would not be a true and proper Pinkalicious Party without pink cupcakes. This is one thing I wasn't going to attempt to make. I know my limitations, especially after realizing the necessity of owning a rolling pin.

While the girls were feasting on the delicacies I took it upon myself to school them on the book itself, a friend took some video. I'm sure you can guess which child has had this book read to them nightly for several months. This was right before each girl was gifted with their own copy of Pinkalicious and a purse filled with girly goodness such as bracelets and makeup. Here is the link to the Youtube video she posted.