Fish. . .


Don't you just love the water's reflection on Sawyer's neck?

Fish. . . that is what I believe my children will turn into by the end of summer. We have the boys in daily swim lessons for two weeks now, and then another two weeks in a month, and then we are off to Hawaii. I believe I am starting to see gills forming near their necks. 

Today I got to watch the boys since I wasn't working and they are pretty funny. The expressions these boys have in the water, I don't think you could wipe their smiles off if you tried. Greta will be joining them on the next session. It's great because they all take their class the exact same times. No shuttling children back and forth or waiting for one to end and one to begin. Gunnar is in a class with 3 other kids, and Sawyer is in a class of 6. I thought I would share a few recent highlights.