A Bedtime Story

We are loving a new book right now, Stellaluna. And thus we have a mild bat obsession going on in this house. This particular night I had read them the story and accidentally mentioned that there are a lot of bats where daddy is from, Minnesota. A few minutes later I was loading the dishwasher and all 3 of them barraged Aaron with a ton of questions about bats in Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

I peeked over the island and this is what I saw. 

All 3 of them lined themselves up and listened with such intensity at the story their daddy was telling them about a bat that flew into his room one night when he was in bed. It got really exciting. . .

And none of them moved until the story was over. It is definitely moments like these that fill your insides with lots of warm tingling sensations and you forget all about the pee on your shoe and the snot on your shoulder from earlier in the day. It is bedtime stories like these that I think they will remember forever.