Problem Solving

Sawyer has managed to snag Gunnar's football pants out of the costume drawer, and Gunnar is not too thrilled. Thus an argument ensues. Gunnar grabs the football jersey while Sawyer snags the shoulder pads. Gunnar grabs the football, Sawyer the helmet. We have quite the dilemma. Both boys are only half-dressed footballers and both want a complete outfit. My solution? If you cannot work this out yourself you both will put your pajamas back on.

A few minutes later when they start speaking to each other once again, this is their solution.

Gunnar: Sawyer. You don't even LIKE football!

Sawyer: Yeah, I DO! I am a Minnesota Viking.

Gunnar: Listen, I am older. That means I get more things. 

Sawyer: No.

Gunnar: We can't both have the helmet. 

Sawyer: I know. I have it.

Gunnar realizes this reasoning is not working. He needs to employ more persuasive manipulation.

Gunnar: Okay Sawyer. I tell you what. If you give me the helmet and the shoulder pads I will let you wear this really cool crown which makes you the coach!

Sawyer: Okay!

Problem solved. Physical confrontation avoided. Little brother manipulated. Everyone is happy.