Some sayings

It's been awhile since I posted what the kids have been saying lately.

Greta especially is picking up phrases and using them at mostly appropriate times. For instance, she likes to tell her brothers, Leave me alone! and Go away! Very nice. Every single time I put a dress or skirt on she comments, Mama, you look just like a princess. . .twirl!

Although, sometimes it's really inappropriate times. She has learned the art of torment, I'm sure from her caring older brothers. The other day Sawyer was in time out for something I can't even remember what for. She usually says something like So-So, you in twouble, you go to timeout. But this time she decided to throw out a phrase she has heard me say many many times. Usually every single day when Sawyer has to pee. She walked over to him, crouched down on her knees, looked him straight in the eyes, lowered her voice and said

So-So, push your pee pee DOWN!

I have no clue why she decided now was the time to reprimand him on his wayward peeing habits, but it totally confused Sawyer because he was in timeout, didn't have to pee, wasn't even near the bathroom, and his little sister is counseling him on aiming correctly?

Oh, he will so get her back for this one. . .