Never a dull moment

Whenever I hear the phrase, Deborah, I need your help down here, it is never a good sign. It only can mean one thing, the health of one of my children is in danger. It is not something to do with the house because Aaron would much rather try and cover it up clean it up than have me deal with it. On Sunday morning, I heard the dreaded phrase.

I was upstairs sorting laundry, heard the calm voice say the phrase, and I bolted downstairs like a bat out of hell. (I've never used that phrase before, but it sounded like it fit well, so I'm going to go for it) I came downstairs and saw Aaron in the bathroom with Sawyer and first I noticed blood trailing down Aaron's arm, then I noticed the pair of child scissors on the sink counter and then I see the blood everywhere. Sawyer is fairly calm at this point and Aaron is washing his bloody mouth out with water. I put two and two together and figured he snipped something he shouldn't have. Yeah, how about his tongue. 

But first my child, mouth full of blood and water decides it's a good time to lie about how this happened. It went something like this,

Me: Sawyer, how did this happen?

Sawyer: I it iy ongue.

Me: You bit your tongue? Sawyer, now is not the time to lie. In fact, you will be in more trouble if you lie then just tell me what happened.

Sawyer: Oay. I ut iy ongue.

Me: You cut your tongue with your scissors?

With a head nod I realize that this is a situation I didn't really think I would ever find myself in, especially with my almost FOUR YEAR OLD! Come on! Seriously?! You decided somehow between eating your lunch and finishing your cut out and paste project that snipping a flap in the top of your tongue is a GOOD idea!?

The blood is not stopping. By now the sink is filled, the mirror splattered, and floor stained. In the back of my mind I have a little instinctual get a tea bag NOW and put it on the wound to stop the bleeding instruction playing over and over again. So I race over and grab some tea bags, the only problem which I found out later was that it has to be BLACK tea, so my choice of calm chamomile was not such a good clotting agent. Sawyer is only hysterical at this point because of the amount of blood falling from his face. I calm him down and yell very clearly the phone number of our doctor to my husband. I get a call back from the on call physician. They are never all that helpful and tell you basically what you already know, but nothing you really need to know. Thanks for telling me that it's up to ME if I should take him to the ER, and it's possible he may need a suture, but that all DEPENDS on how deep and big the cut is, oh and also thanks for telling me to ice it and hope the bleeding stops. All that info is not what I needed to hear. I needed to hear, do this, do that, this will stop the bleeding, oh, and he will be fine. 

Did I mention we were having a dinner party for 12 people that evening too? Yeah, so here it is 1pm and everyone is arriving in a few hours and we get to decide, ER or dinner party? My child's speaking and eating ability or cooking all the food that is laying on my kitchen island? I decide to call someone more experienced than me who has been through a major tongue trauma with her own child, and I am finally told the answers I needed to hear. They rarely will stitch a tongue, the bleeding will stop, and if I need to bring him in tomorrow I can do that too. Thank you.

Finally the bleeding starts to subside, Sawyer takes a nap and awakes with no blood in sight, but with a nice little 1cm flap on the top of the tongue. It's a nice little horseshoe flap because those children's scissors are rounded at the end, not pointy. Heaven forbid we have a little arrow flap, a rounded horseshoe flap is so much better I hear.

All is well, food is cooked, friends are arriving, and my child decides it's a good idea to grab some mango from the fridge and starts chomping away. I am informed by a guest that my little sweetie is trailing blood through the house. Yep, the floodgates opened and fortunately by this point my mom is around and I realize why my chamomile tea bag solution wasn't much of a solution, BLACK TEA has the special ingredient! Within 20 minutes the wound has once again been dammed and I make him some smoothies for dinner.

By evening's end the only problem is he is now feeling this strange thing on his tongue and proceeds to rub his tongue back and forth on his top teeth, not such a good idea. But what do you expect from my child who snipped his tongue with scissors!!! I explain to him what they will do at the hospital and he immediately shoves his tongue back in his mouth and attempts to leave it there for the rest of his life. 

Never a dull moment in this house.