School of her own

In March Greta and I began a toddler transition class. It is one morning a week and it's in the building next door to Sawyer's preschool. In fact, this time last year we were in the very same room, but it was Sawyer's class. It's funny because I'm with a few of the very same moms year after year. Gunnar went to preschool with their oldest, then Sawyer and their next child are currently in the same preschool class, and now Greta is with their other children as well. I guess we're all in the same boat together. 

She is very excited to have a class of her own. She talks about Teacher Tania all the time. She is the youngest one in the class but that doesn't keep her from speaking her mind. She has no problem pushing one of the boys who happened to put their foot in the way of her car. We're working on that. She loves to paint, play with play-doh, she's not so fond of the singing circle time, but anything having to do with acting like animals and going on bear hunts, she's all for that. They read stories, make crafts and have snack time. Here's a peek of my daughter in school. Genius, no?